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'07 RAV-4 6 disc CD changer: how easily jammed?
January 19, 2007
Our 2007 RAV-4 has the optional AM/FM Radio With 6-Disc CD Changer + MP3/WMA Player. The Toyota salesman mentioned that he's seen some come back where a CD is jammed inside, and its always ripped CDs rather than commercial ones. He recommended never playing anything but commercial CDs. Has anyone else heard of this? Do commercial CDs weigh more?

January 19, 2007#1
Could be bad programming by the CD maker. Physically there should be no problem. But sometimes in some computers with come CD drives, a CD wont be kicked out for AGES (as in hours, unless you lose patience and reboot, as I do), because of some minor error confounding the drive. The same CD will work fine in another drive...

So its POSSIBLE but I suspect we're seeing "folk wisdom" at its best.

January 21, 2007#2
I'm with toyotdave on this - depends on what software is used to encode the "homemade" audio CD. I've used pressed (original) CDs and the howbrew variety in our 6-disc change on the Matrix - no problems whatsoever on the system.

January 21, 2007#3
Thanks. The one caveat is that you have to be more careful with homemade CDs in general because they are easier to damage than commercial ones.

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