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06 Rav4 needs some help in the rear suspension
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January 1, 2007, 2:31 PM

We have the V6, sport model, with towing pkg, but when loaded the car just sits too low in the back. I can find an air bag kit for the prev. gen. rav4, but not this one. Does anyone know if there is any air bag or helper spring kit for this vehicle?

Is this suspension similiar to any other toyota vehicle so that I might find a kit that might work on it?


January 2, 2007, 10:43 PM#1
Might have to wait a while or go with a custom suspension setup. Reason - your model year is the first in its generation - could be at least one more model year before you see a good showing from the aftermarket. Hard to tell - since this body style/platform (3rd generation Rav4) is unique to North America only. Might try the dealership - they may have something that may work, from another platform.

Another possibility is to try those in-line spring inserts - they basically fit in between the coils of the spring to restore lost ride height or increase load capacity. Personally - I tend to shy away from these, as they will adversely change the spring constant - would introduce unusual handling behavior. Some vehicles, like Ford SUVs, this would introduce a see-sawing affect when you drive down the road, sometimes cause the vehicle to become undrivable.

January 2, 2007, 11:06 PM#2

Thanks for the reply. Yes, we went to the dealership but they said we already had the highest rated springs for the vehicle. So no help there. :(

I found airbags for one of the 06 pickup trucks. But no idea if they will fit the Rav4.

January 3, 2007, 4:37 PM#3
Hard to say - the 2006 Rav$ was a new platform - the other 2006 Toyota trucks are either a carry over or had a minor refresh - but the platform stayed the same. You could always have them provide you with detailed dimensions and see if you can adapt them to the Rav4. Sounds like it will have to be a custom job now, unless you get lucky and an aftermarket source makes one for you.

January 3, 2007, 6:19 PM#4
I guess I'll just have to get lucky or weight. (pun intended) The payload for our vehicle according to the dealer is 825pounds. We had 2 adults (300# between us) and probably 450-500# of luggage and stuff and we were w/in 1" on the snubbers. It only hit on the snubbers 2 or 3 times during the trip, but I think its going to show up as a minor problem for Toyota over the next year. We bought ours in August and took our trip in Oct. so I'm sure we were some of the first ones to really put it to the test. I cant imagine what this would be like towing... I think it'd be impossible if the car is loaded with 4 people to tow the way it is now.

If the vehicle is empty with just 4 paseengers, there really wont be any left because 4 people would be at least 600#s and the tongue weight of most trailers is about 200#s, so that would take up the entire payload.

And the fact of the matter the ride is very soft, even on the sport model, so they could easily go to a stiffer spring w/o anyone noticing.

I see a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! :) Firestone? Airlift? A spring company? This is going to be a popular car for your products!


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