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Need Tacoma Advice
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* May 04, 2007, 07:05:09 PM
I?m looking to buy a used Tacoma and was wondering if anyone could give me advice.  I?m noticing a lot of 2003-2004?s on the market with 70-80k miles.  Is there a reason there are so many, do these develop problems around this time?  Are there any problems with any Tacomas I should look out for?  Thanks.


* May 05, 2007, 07:50:02 AM
Tacomas are pretty tough trucks - there are so many of them because in 2005 is the start of the 8th generation of the truck.  This is when the new body styles came out and the new X-Runner introduced.  The 2002,2003,and 2004 Tacomas were largely unchanged at the end of its generation - this also made them some of the more successful trucks in terms of quality and durability (plenty of time for the manufacturer to catch any problems with them).  If you don\'t need a ton of space in the bed (little on the small size compared to some of the competition) - they are a tough to beat.

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* June 04, 2007, 12:52:15 AM
Thery\'re very good trukcs, like fishexpo101 said, if you don\'t need all that big bed space like the insanenly big new Tundra\'re good. I work for Toyota so I know what I\'m talking about


* October 22, 2011, 10:35:48 PM
Hi, I have Had Toyota\'s Since my First one in 1967. It was a Corolla. Since then i have had many Corollas, One Cressida, Two Tacoma\'s, over a 43 Year Period. I now have a 1998 Tacoma SR5 Extra Cab V6 5 Speed. This truck has only 82k on it. It is in NEW Condition in Every Way. The 3.4 L engine is the BEST Engine that Tacoma has Ever Put out. The Power is just Awesome. It is too much Power for me, but it Still gets 25 to 29 MPG. That is with the Air On. It will keep Up With Alot of V8s. I am Not a Racer but I Still have some Kick left. Sometimes I see Young Guys Trying to mess around with me. When they find out that I have a 5 Speed, They Drop Back. It is Almost like the X Runner Except for a Few Things. I have Upgraded White Letter Over sized Tires, Special Alarm, Hood and Window Guards, Stainless steel Wheel Guards, Rust Proofed, Air Box, Bed Liner, Always in Enclosed Garage, Sheep Skin Covers, Always Serviced, Dark Blue.

My Second Car is a 2010 Corolla LE For the Wife. Alot of Extras Added for her. This Car Gets 37+ MPG. The Power is Now Too bad Either. Gave My Pastor, My 1993 Acura Integra Special Edition, Rather than take the Trade In that Toyota offered me. Acura Still Running like New. Over 135K on it Bought that Brand New Also. Good Car and Also Fast. Just thought I would put in my 2Cents about the first Tacomas. The New Generation got too big, Plus the 4 Bangers Get Low MPH.


* October 22, 2011, 10:37:23 PM
Sorry, But I Ment  to say Low MPG Instead of MPH!



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