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Title: Testing Alternator
Post by: myprizm on February 28, 2011, 10:22:32 PM
I would like to share my experience with some free testing in Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone. Recently alternator in my Camry 90 V6 stopped charging. I did all the recommended tests while still in car and than removed alternator. It turn smoothly no nose so my best guess was to replace brushes and check again. Than took it to the local Autozone (when I checked earlier that they had brushes in stock) for free testing. The testing station which they have is not very informative. Conducts as I understand three tests and the result FAIL or PASS is displayed. In my case three FAIL were displayed , with comment\" not meeting specifications\". I couldn\'t get any other information about the tests. Since the test just confirmed my diagnosis I purchased brushes ( $3.36 including tax) checked the price of the remanufactured alternator (about $124). After about two hours with the new brushes installed I went again to the different Autozone to test alternator after my repairs. I have never repaired alternator myself, so I was quite excited. I asked to test it and they had exactly the same testing bench as the previous store. The results were three times \"FAIL\". Which meant for me \"YOU FAILED\" . You stupid idiot wasted half of Sunday just because you wanted to save yourself 100 bucks. Stupid and CHEAP.
After short reflection I decided to go to Adavance Auto Parts which was half a block from the Autozone and on the way to my home. Advance Auto Parts had less automated station. Definitely I noticed traditional (for me) analog VOLTMETER with the green renge around 15 V. During the testing The hand was always in the green area.  Looks like working said a man. I thanked  him for rescuing my selfesteem, installed, connected and all works well.Any thoughts?