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Brought this into a Big O tires today. Wanted an oil change. Was talked into an alignment test and was showed the result. All of the measurements were in range except 1.  On the fron left the \"Toe\" measurement was 0.16 and the range was -0.04 to 0.13.  Every other one was just right. So I paid $74.99 for an alignment and that column now reads 0.04.  Did I need an alignment?
Next I received a phone call from the mechanic saying my front brakes \"Read 0\" and I needed new brake Pads. I was charged 120.16 for Brake Pads and 125.00 for Labor, 5.00 for brake fluid disposal, 12.98 for Brake Hardware Kit.
Now I\'m up to 395.12 and next I\'m told my Struts and shocks are leaking and need to be replaced.  The front would be $600 and the rear $400.00. I asked why I would need those and he said \"well you have 80,000 miles on the car\". I left without buying the shocks and struts and wonder if anyone in this forum could make me understand if and why I need shocks and strust on a vehicle I thought was good for 250,000 miles.

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