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Light sensor a.k.a photo sensor
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* July 21, 2007, 12:12:28 AM
Does anybody know how to deactivate the photo sensor on a 2006 Corolla? I hate the way the head lights turn on by themselves. It kills the battery life and bulb life as well (i think). Any help is great! Thanks guys!!


* July 26, 2007, 06:40:21 PM
Might be able to get the dealer to modify that for you.  Some places require that you be able to manually control your headlamps (light activated gates at military bases, for example).  I know how to disable them for earlier ones (esentially cut a wire), but the ones for the 9th gen Corollas are bit different.  Your DRLs (always on when driving) are tied to multiple systems - disabling one aspect will disable other functions as well (single integration relay/module).  It won\'t hurt the battery, but will shorten bulb life, as well as increase fuel consumption a small amount (extra load on the engine).  

Short answer - disabling the light sensor will not help with the DRLs.  You can disable the DRLs, but will disable the twilight feature that automatically turns on the the lights at night.  On some 9th gen Corollas - some have noticed that disabling the DRL caused problems with gauges, other lamps, etc.  

There is a service bulletin (TSB - Technical Service Bulletin) that the dealership should have, that will instruct them on how to properly disable the DRLs (as they are not required by law, yet)



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