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* May 05, 2007, 07:05:58 PM
I have a prob with my 92 toyota truck. used \"seafoam\" to clean out throttle body.
smoked and knocked pretty  good, then quit. upon trying to re-start it fires momentarily, then quits. I had my wife start it, while I used some
flammable lubricant into the throttle body, to keep it going.
I\'m thinking that the injectors arent being told to open up.
any comments/suggestions?


* May 06, 2007, 05:00:25 AM
Do a quick compression test and pull the plugs and read them - make sure you don\'t have a problem like a bent valve or similar.  

As for injectors - you can stick an automotive stethscope on them and listen for the ticking sound.  You can also use a long screwdriver - just be careful.  

Also check the knock sensor - didn\'t mention the engine, but most are between the middle cylinders (#2 and #3 on 4 cylinders, #3 and #4 on inline sixes, one on each side for V6s).

Hopefully, didn\'t hydrolock the engine - pretty hard to do, but I\'ve seen it happen.  Good Luck.



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