The Lexus LF-A concept car

The LF-A sports-car concept was originally shown at the 2005 NAIAS. The goals for the new LF-A remain the same: to build a unique supercar.

Lexus LF-A

The styling, rooted in the “L-finesse” design concept is similar to its predecessor, but with greater use of curved surfaces and more intricate details.

interior - LFA

The new LF-A keeps the V10, 500-horsepower engine of the original, and its mid-engine placement and rear-mounted transaxle and radiators provide more even weight distribution.  All these features combine to make a top speed in excess of 200MPH possible. 

rear - lexus concepts

Bob Carter said, in speaking of the LF-A’s future, “The first LF-A was a pure concept, but one that we went so far as to conduct engineering analysis on. This latest concept is much closer to a vehicle that we would bring to market, and one in which we will be gauging consumer interest.”


V10 (under 5.0 Liters)



Over 500

Top speed

Over 200 miles per hour

Tire Size

Front: 265/35R20
Rear: 305/30R20


175.6 inches


  74.6  inches


  48.0 inches


102.3 inches


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