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2006 Toyota Sequoia owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 200,000
Drivetrain: 4.7L V8 / 5-speed Auto
Major repairs: None...
Comments: 2nd Owner, only routine maintenance, Oil Changes, Timing Belt @ 190k, Front CV-boots Replaced, 4WD still works flawlessly.
Date entered: 2019-05-31

2012 Toyota Camry owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 243,456
Drivetrain: I4/6 Speed AT
Major repairs: Torque Converter: which I feel it doesn`t really count since Toyota had warranty recall on it. Anything else is a NONE!!
Comments: Still on original water pump and serpentine belt!(Which is unheard of for Gen 7s) Just the usual wear and tear parts like brakes and tires. Which my original brakes lasted me over 120K miles!
Date entered: 2019-05-23

2002 Toyota Tacoma owned by Grey Griffith

Miles: 215,167
Drivetrain: 4 cylinder
Major repairs: None
Date entered: 2019-05-16

1997 Toyota 4Runner owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: ,
Drivetrain: V6 and automatic
Major repairs: Timing belt and alot of work
Date entered: 2019-05-16

2006 Toyota Sienna owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 263,348
Drivetrain: V6
Major repairs: Water pump
Date entered: 2019-05-13

2001 Toyota Tundra owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 385,000
Drivetrain: 4.7 4speed automatic
Major repairs: none
Date entered: 2019-05-07

2004 Toyota Prius owned by Steven Silveira

Miles: 230,000
Drivetrain: 1.5 auto
Major repairs: Hv battery replacement and breaks
Date entered: 2019-04-18

2003 Toyota Highlander owned by Nancy Flynt

Miles: 426,683
Drivetrain: 4 cyl
Major repairs: None
Comments: Regular maintenance. Ac compressor replaced.
Date entered: 2019-04-16

1998 Toyota Camry owned by Jeff Golich

Miles: 387,000
Drivetrain: V6
Major repairs: None
Date entered: 2019-04-15

1998 Lexus LX owned by David Do

Miles: 222,000
Drivetrain: 4.7L AT
Major repairs:
Date entered: 2019-03-31

2000 Toyota Yaris owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 274,025
Drivetrain: 1.2l Manual
Major repairs: none
Comments: Used as a daily commuter family car, barely ever serviced or looked after...
Date entered: 2019-03-30

2003 Toyota Tacoma owned by John Blackburn

Miles: 240,000
Drivetrain: 3.4L V6 Automatic 2x4
Major repairs: None
Date entered: 2019-03-25

2001 Toyota 4Runner owned by Ian

Miles: 320,000
Drivetrain: 3.4 L automatic
Major repairs: None
Date entered: 2019-02-28

2003 Toyota Tacoma owned by Jay Miner

Miles: 350,000
Drivetrain: 2.7 manual 5 speed
Major repairs: None
Date entered: 2019-02-22

1999 Toyota Tacoma owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 243,000
Drivetrain: 4.7 lt 4wd sr5
Major repairs: 2 weeks after our warranty was up our transmission died last year we had a blown head gasket mass flow sensor
Comments: weve had our brakes done twice just got new front struts and springs for it had to put a new stsrter in
Date entered: 2019-02-06

1987 Toyota Land Cruiser owned by Matt Perovich

Miles: ,
Drivetrain: 4.2l 2F w/ 4spd Manual
Major repairs: Rebuilt engine at 489,000. Rebuilt front knuckles and axles at 502,ooo.
Date entered: 2019-02-03

2000 Toyota RAV4 owned by Ryke Beever

Miles: 350,000
Drivetrain: 2.0L 4 cylinder manual 5 speed
Major repairs: None
Comments: This car just keeps going and going, runs like new, straight piped exhaust and loves to pop when you give it a little gas, plan on taking it to for beyond 350,000
Date entered: 2019-01-30

2009 Toyota Prius owned by Shaun Brav

Miles: 200,075
Drivetrain: 1.5 liter, CVT Tran
Major repairs: None
Comments: Bought with about 80,000 miles on it and have enjoyed the vehicle since I first drove it. Only issue to take care of in the near future is a front wheel bearing.
Date entered: 2019-01-25

2010 Toyota Highlander owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 200,500
Drivetrain: 3.5 auto
Major repairs: None
Date entered: 2019-01-15

2000 Toyota Camry owned by Randy Mangile

Miles: 285,000
Drivetrain: 4 Cyl.
Major repairs: Timing Belt Broke and Replaced at 220,000 miles.
Date entered: 2018-12-28

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