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2007 Toyota RAV4 owned by Robert

Miles: 200,067
Drivetrain: V6 Automatic
Major repairs: None
Comments: Still getting 23 mpg!
Date entered: 2018-07-19

2002 Toyota Avalon owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 200,020
Drivetrain: 6 cylinder, auto
Major repairs: no
Comments: best car
Date entered: 2018-07-12

2012 Toyota Camry owned by Andrea

Miles: 211,498
Drivetrain: 2.5L (2AR-FE) AT
Major repairs: Warranty repair of torque converter at 75k miles.
Date entered: 2018-07-10

1999 Toyota Tacoma owned by Phillip Bryant

Miles: 281,564
Drivetrain: 4cyl 5 speed manual 4X4
Major repairs: Front bumper and radiator
Comments: Still going strong!
Date entered: 2018-07-03

2000 Toyota 4Runner owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 202,731
Drivetrain: 4 cyl, automatic
Major repairs: Control arm replace 191,000 miles) stabilizer bar replace (191,000), A/C repair/replace (130,000 miles), power steering needs repair due to leak but part not available so shop said they will need to rebuild,
Date entered: 2018-06-25

1997 Toyota 4Runner owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 311,555
Drivetrain: V6
Major repairs:
Date entered: 2017-10-22

2006 Scion xB owned by Adam Johnson

Miles: 371,500
Drivetrain: 1.8l, Auto
Major repairs: None
Comments: This is a 1 owner. Ive driven all miles since purchase, it had 11 miles on it when we met. Daily driver for the last 12 years, purchased Sept 25, 2005. Ive replace alternator, blower fan on cabin, and driver front wheel bearing, otherwise, oil, brakes, tires. This car is the greatest thing made, Im an easy driver, and mostly highway miles, however it was used for a newspaper route for 2 years early on, which is horrible on cars. It uses 1qt oil every 3k mi, but still gets 30mpg.
Date entered: 2017-10-20

2010 Toyota 4Runner owned by Nicholas Pangakis

Miles: 200,000
Drivetrain: v6
Major repairs:
Comments: nothing major....bearings replaced at 140 and 180, alternator at 199.
Date entered: 2017-10-16

1998 Toyota Tacoma owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 260,000
Drivetrain: 2wd, EFI, 2.4L, 4 cylinder, 4-speed automatic
Major repairs: None
Comments: Purchased new in October 1997. LOVE my Tacoma!
Date entered: 2017-10-15

2008 Toyota Highlander owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 304,000
Drivetrain: v6
Major repairs: None
Date entered: 2017-10-10

2003 Toyota Sienna owned by David and Paula Woolard

Miles: 299,689
Drivetrain: 3.0 original engine and 4 speed automatic transmission original
Major repairs: Battery, front and rear brakes complete overhaul, muffler, tires replaced twice last replaced 03-15-2017, plugs replaced at 250,000 miles.
Comments: We live in Eastern,NC. Drive about 10,000 a year. Change oil and filter every 3500 miles. The front steering has some looseness in it and we plan on having it checked next March 2018. I expect to have the suspension checked also and front coils replaced as the vehicle has a little excessive movement when bad roads are encountered. Over all the van is in great shape, runs very well and all the components still work. It had 200,200 when we bought it. I expect to get about another 50,000 to 70,000 miles out of the van.
Date entered: 2017-10-09

2007 Toyota Avalon owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 208,200
Drivetrain: 3.5L auto
Major repairs: None
Comments: Daily driver. bought used in 2011 with 80,000 miles
Date entered: 2017-09-28

2000 Toyota 4Runner owned by Ava D

Miles: 203,459
Drivetrain: 3.4 V6 auto
Major repairs: none
Date entered: 2017-09-27

1997 Toyota Tacoma owned by Paul D

Miles: 253,000
Drivetrain: 3.4 V6 5 speed
Major repairs: ORIGINAL clutch replaced at 225,000!
Date entered: 2017-09-27

1999 Toyota Corolla owned by Tyler Smythe

Miles: 210,500
Drivetrain: 1.8L automatic
Major repairs: Starter. Front & Rear shocks & Struts. Inner & outer Tie Rods.
Date entered: 2017-09-26

2005 Scion xB owned by David Morgan

Miles: 438,000
Drivetrain: 1.5 AUTOMATIC
Major repairs: Alternator Front wheel bearing
Comments: Still runs great,still drive everyday
Date entered: 2017-09-26

2011 Toyota Tundra owned by Dave Sprig

Miles: 307,500
Drivetrain: 4.6
Major repairs: Air Conditioner Compressor Secondary Air System smog pumps and valves
Comments: Going to get another Toyota and drive till wheels fall off
Date entered: 2017-09-21

2000 Toyota Camry owned by brad ward

Miles: 208,000
Drivetrain: 4 door
Major repairs: timing, oil leak
Date entered: 2017-09-18

1974 Toyota Land Cruiser owned by (asked to stay anonymous)

Miles: 500,000
Drivetrain: 3.9 l inline 6, 4 speed
Major repairs: Several ... as expected on a 30+ year old daily driver
Comments: Been my only daily driver... for almost 30 years. Has only been down for repairs at most 2 weeks at a time. Outside 24/7 in the upper north eastern rust belt.
Date entered: 2017-09-17

2000 Toyota Camry owned by Kevin Johnson

Miles: 469,828
Drivetrain: 2.2L 4cly Automatic
Major repairs: Timing Belt, Starter, Radiator
Comments: Her name is Betsy. We got her from Beaman Toyota with less than 20,000 miles. She burns oil but does not smoke. I drive her every day to work.
Date entered: 2017-09-13

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