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In Japan, the Camry name first showed up as a model of the Celica - the Toyota Celica Camry - a four door Celica.

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The Toyota Camry was first sold in the United States in mid-1983, replacing the rear-wheel-drive Corona, a small, rust-prone but likeable car whose name was related to the word crown (following the Toyota Crown); the Japanese word for crown is pronounced like “camry” (though 冠 (かむりis three syllables, more like “kamuri,” suggesting that the marketing people changed the name to help U.S. sales).

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The Camry became America's best selling car, the basis for a luxury car (Lexus ES300), a full-sized highway cruiser (Toyota Avalon), a two-door coupe and convertible (Solara), and a wagon/crossover (Venza).

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