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Date Added Car Owner Miles (so far) Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
2017-03-132005 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown347,2563.3L V6, 5 speed auto None, minor body work. Bought from previous owner who purchased it used in 2008 with 40,000 miles. No major mechanical problems and oil changes every 3,000 miles. Other than body damage, it runs like a champ with 347,000 miles.
2017-03-132001 Toyota SequoiaKnown, not shown300,000v8 belts and sparkplugs as well as fuel pump awesome vehicles
2017-03-082006 Toyota PriusAaron Taylor332,000Automatic 4 cyl Axel replacement
2017-03-062010 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown221,500Engine 1.8 liter - transmission automatic None Regular 100,000 mile service include Transmission Flush, Spark Plug Change, Radiator Flush, Front End alignment and replacement of front brakes pads and rotors. Oil changes at 5000 miles and air filter every 15000 miles. Replace PVC and at 200,000 miles. Still runs like new.
2017-03-062003 Toyota Siennaleonard farrell215,0003.0 litre V6 Automatic Catalytic Convertor at 175K, tailgate latch
2017-03-032010 Toyota TundraJUERGEN SCHWAN235,0005.7 NONE
2017-02-281997 Toyota CamryBrandon Nichols245,6002.2 L. 4 Cyl. FWD none
2017-02-272002 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown324,5003.0 liter V6 AWD Auto New Transmission at 285k Anyone want to buy it?
2017-02-272007 Toyota TacomaYoshi Aday201,8904 cylinder 2.7l Steering wheel spiral cable, locked parking brake, frame recall, leaf springs
2017-02-212003 Toyota 4RunnerClaudia M.200,427V8, Automatic None Only repairs done are brakes. To this day, have not changed timing belt. Car runs great!
2017-02-172007 Toyota SiennaRick Anderson380,000V-6 Water pump, change oil 8k to 10k runs great
2017-02-062002 Toyota TacomaRicardo Rojas400,3422.4 lLT Manual Transmision Fuel Pump,O2 sensor Fuel cap ,front brakes drain coolant, fuel filter once I am happy with my truck, I know I should be doing more to it than just changing the oil 6K at times even 10 K
2017-02-041998 Toyota 4RunnerRobin Alexa257,582V6 Drive Shaft @ 200k miles. Other than that, normal maintenance. I am in awe at my Toyota 4runner. I bought her brand new in 1998. She is not 4 wheel drive, however, she is extremely reliable and loyal and she gives me an amazing sense of freedom and wanderlust!!! I am grateful and proud that she has taken me so many places around this amazing country!!! I consider her my little home on wheels. My goal is to take extremely good care of her from this day forward and make it to the million mile club! There are so many more places on my bucket list that we have to see together !!!! Thank you Toyota!!!
2017-02-032002 Toyota SolaraKnown, not shown217,000SLE V6 Automatic none beautiful and great running car
2017-02-012006 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown263,0002.4 automatic none all parts original starter alternator front end oil breaks tires warm it up in morning and drive nice feels like has long life left
2017-01-311990 Toyota 4RunnerJ. Brotemarkle236,0003.0 auto none Just maintenance issues, timing belt, ball joints, cold air intake, brake upgrade, free flow exhaust, E3 plugs, H2O pump, belts, hoses, push bar, LED fog lights
2017-01-311992 Toyota TercelAlex Flores235,0001.5L,4 cyl, 4 speed manual
2017-01-291998 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown250,0053,400 None Wrote in earlier but did not have vin #
2017-01-272000 Toyota Land CruiserKnown, not shown217,000V8 None
2017-01-231994 Toyota PickupKnown, not shown506,0004cyl. 22re 5speed 4x4 Clutch and head gasket Wish I could buy a new one just like it. Has never been babied. Daily driver and hunting truck
2017-01-232006 Scion xBBox,1.5 1nz None, still on the original clutch Original owner had a deer hit which broke the fan shroud and radiator fan, drove it for two years without a fan!
2017-01-232002 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown312,000V6 AUTOMATIC None Still a great running car
2017-01-222007 Lexus RXAwd224,000350 None
2017-01-171992 Toyota CamryCharles Spencer401,1972.2L Automatic Water pump
2017-01-162003 Toyota CamryJose Marrero211,0004 cyl auto replace the cat at 200,000 Only regular oil changes
2017-01-141998 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown250,0003400 None Have done the usual mantaince, replacing brakes, belts, oil chances and ligmnents etc.
2017-01-122005 Toyota SiennaSherry Metts320,000V6 automatic none Still runs great! Bought it new and my goal is to drive it til the wheels fall off!
2017-01-092002 Toyota EchoKnown, not shown320,1001.5 L 4 cylinder T-4
2017-01-082006 Toyota TundraJerrald Richerson200,000V8 None
2017-01-081998 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown359,5675s-fe auto Swapped out tranny at 220,000 had bad solenoid. I check fluids and change regularly, did timing belt 3-4 times, caught oil pump seal leak before it ruined engine. AC original, alternator went to 325,000 car is a tank...
2017-01-062003 Toyota HighlanderNancy Bouchard,V6 Limited Automatic None Car originally purchased in Maine and driven in extreme winter weather until 2010. Current issue with heat and air control.
2017-01-062007 Toyota TundraAndrew Engelke220,2175.7 iforce Starter at 201k Had this pickup for 3 years and have made countless trips 1000+ miles in it, never worried about it breaking down, drive it every day
2017-01-022003 Toyota CamryJeffrey N Arevalo204,6004 cyl Major repair was gasket replacement.
2017-01-011999 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown480,9002.4 5 speed Alternator 400000, radiator at 380000
2016-12-312003 Toyota Land CruiserKnown, not shown291,4504.7L V8 4x4 5-speed Automatic A few minor auto body repairs (one deer, backed into a post, and one parking garage was too low). Replaced original Toyota shocks at 250K. No engine or transmission repairs. Fantastic SUV. Its a workhorse. Bought it with 40K without a second thought.
2016-12-291994 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown336,3172.4L 4wd, 5speed manual trans No repairs to the engine, standard maint. w/ valve adjust at 280,000 miles. Transmission rebuilt at 295,000. This 4runner was manufactured in Japan and is still on the road and drives like a new vehicle. No rust no issues.
2016-12-122001 Toyota TacomaBrett211,8142.7L I4, 5 Speed Manual Catalytic Converters, Rear Shocks, Frame Replacement from Recall Been in the family since it rolled out of the factory. Awesome truck!
2016-12-071999 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown258,3992.7L Automatic None Bought used with 93,000 miles. other than regular maintenance had starter rebuilt and replaced radiator.
2016-12-052008 Toyota CamryDave294,0002.4 automatic None
2016-12-042005 Toyota TundraPat Hurley219,640V8 6 speed automatic Steering assembly
2016-12-012003 Toyota Tacomamike aquilina400,1752.7 4cyl, auto trans 2wd Prerunner None. Radiator gave out at 349000 it was only $136.00 to replace. Amazing truck looks brand new and runs fantastic. Not even an oil leak!
2016-11-301998 Toyota TacomaN. Edwards,v6 engine 5 speed transmission repaired, radiator fixed twice, 2 clutches, and two accidents
2016-11-291999 Lexus LSOrlando Arroyo344,5004.0 8 cyl. 1UZ-FE Engine and trans doing fine. Annoying check engine light. :) The 8 cyl. has an unfair advantage for longevity. But many 4 banger toyos are hitting 300k miles no problem. Amazing engine builders! My previous GS is still running, has over 400k.
2016-11-282006 Toyota AvalonMichael Jaycox231,000v6 aUTOMATIC A transmission leak, and a Main seal repair.
2016-11-162005 Toyota CamryMark Hamad203,0004 cyl. None Still runs like new.
2016-11-152002 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown,3.4L Rack and pinion and power steering pump
2016-11-151996 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown375,0003.4 v6 auto none No major repairs. Original engine and trans still going strong
2016-11-131997 Toyota RAV4Nicol Schloss210,9324 cyl automatic Axle seal boots Love my car but my only complaint is the paint is very oxidized
2016-11-112000 Toyota EchoTurbo230,8084 cyl, 1.5l Catalytic converter.
2016-11-062002 Toyota TundraKnown, not shown231,4003.4 V6 , 2wd Timing belt ,water pump 165,000 , struts shocks 205000 Great truck minimal rust just took 4200 mile trip out west