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Date Added Car Owner Miles (so far) Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
2016-04-212004 Toyota SiennaKnown, not shown243,784V6, auto none
2016-04-211986 Toyota 4RunnerDrew Johnson289,00022re radiator, clutch, starter,
2016-04-202007 Toyota TundraChad Larkin200,8885.7 Litre Automatic Starter Motor Replaced Currently on 3rd battery 3rd set of tires and 3rd set of plugs The drive shaft was replaced under service advisory but had not failed
2016-04-182006 Lexus GSKnown, not shown213,4413,5L,CVT (GS450h) None that I know Bought this with 343000 km. We will see if this is a keeper.
2016-04-142002 Toyota SequoiaJen305,765V8 Fuel pump in 2014
2016-04-102002 Toyota TundraMM323,000V8, 4.7, auto, 4WD Timing belt (2x),water pump, radiator Original owner, still in very good condition, towing package, but never towed a thing, never abused. It has been on road trips all over US and Canada. Now my daily driver. Love it! Will drive it until dies.
2016-04-092000 Toyota TundraEdward bedolla215,0004.7L Ignition coils
2016-04-082011 Toyota YarisKnown, not shown233,0001.5l 5 speed Manual None Only repairs have been a few brake jobs, tires, oil changes and fluids.
2016-04-072003 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown215,000v6; automatic Needed O2 sensors changed at 125,000. AC Compressor went at 205,000. Seal on gas tank went at 190,000 (it was not expensive to fix). Great car; very durable. That said, I keep up with Oil Changes and other routine things to keep the car going. If you want to see how durable, check out what they did to one of these trucks on Top Gear a few years ago.
2016-04-072002 Toyota AvalonKeista Anderson305,3213.0 liter v6 None
2016-04-062006 Toyota 4RunnerPaul Belleau553,0004.7 V-8 Alternator at 400,000 Radiator at 435,000 Original owner. Changed plugs and timing belt once. Transmission has never been looked at. Still runs incredibly well.
2016-04-042003 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown202,6584 cylinder, 1.8L, Automatic Regular maintenance only: fluid changes, tires & brakes One of the best cars I ever had.
2016-04-042004 Toyota PriusDave Johnson244,5621.5 L, CVT NONE! Replaced when needed: tires, brakes and ONE set of spark plugs. Water pump was replaced under recall. Normal oil changes. I have yet to do a transmission service or a timing belt. Best car I have ever owned. My youngest son is still driving it today.
2016-04-032005 Toyota Corollaalex grey209,1901.4diesel,MMT gearbox 3xclutches so far, new radiator, recon alternator, numerous tyres, 2 x front wheels bearings, brakes allround several times. Owned from 22,000miles, never let me down, totally reliable, returns 65mpg on mway runs
2016-03-312002 Toyota TundraDavid LeRoux300,0004.7 V8 - automatic TRANSMISSION AT 170,000, broken steering column just last week, repaired - many repairs for normal wear and tear with this type of mileage She just hit 300,000 miles today on my way to work this morning, 3/31/2016 5:38am, Rte 140, Ext 8 Lakeville, MA Under our current family financial situation I cant afford a new or newer Truck so I need to make this one last. For the last 3 years I have been driving 100 miles round trip 5 days a week to work in Franklin, MA from Acushnet, MA if anyone would like to help the fund or a dealership who would like to offer a newer Toyota truck on an amazing deal - I will consider all Thanks Love my Toyota she takes my daughter back and forth to college in Amhesrt, she plows through crazy winter snow and gets me to work, she helps my freinds move, her engine does not leak, I love this truck I have had it for 12 years now! Dave
2016-03-312006 Toyota AvalonTira and Lawrence Beane200,0386cyl auto 6 speed Alternator and starter and water pump replaced. CV joint replaced and now there is vibration on acceleration all the time. The navigation toggle button stopped working which effectively stopped me from using my navigation system. Toyota dealership wants $900 to fix. The rear window shade jumped the track and the Toyota dealership wants $2000 to repair. Transmission is still!silky smoother and acceleration is still phenomenal.
2016-03-292004 Toyota SiennaRana ahmad451,451V-6 Only transmission 1 time
2016-03-292007 Toyota CorollaFrank Paglia,Automatic 1.8L Engine none Started with synthetic oil when I first bought the car new in 2006. The only problem is the odometer stops at 299,999 miles so I have been using the 10,000 mile trip meter to keep track.
2016-03-282002 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown424,0322.4 L DOHC Automatic none, just the basic repairs like alternator, starter, brakes, struts I still have the original muffler & pipes ! Awesome performing car, 100% very reliable best car I ever had. Everything still works.
2016-03-161994 Toyota PickupKnown, not shown229,9003.0, manual Radiator, starter motor, power steering pump Can still make 20 MPG under ideal conditions.
2016-03-072000 Toyota Echogreg limbach,1.5 manual trans bearings & 2nd gear with clutch 425 miles driven weekly with 10 gallons of gas
2016-03-042000 Toyota 4RunnerDorothy L. Petrey229,3563.4L V6 Automatic None Original owner. Recommended maintenance done regularly. 4 sets of tires. Running high mileage and synthetic oil alternately. I love my 4Runner.
2016-03-032003 Toyota TundraKnown, not shown265,0004.7l, V8, 4X$ None Fluids, Timing belt X2, hoses, belts and brakes. Only issues so far
2016-03-032006 Toyota CamryCindy Mortensen200,3004 cylinder automatic None Love this car!
2016-02-282000 Toyota TacomaDonny L. King226,1982.4 L. 5 speed manual Radiator replaced. Clutch cylinder replaced. Rear brakes still going strong. Hard to believe
2016-02-241989 Toyota PickupKnown, not shown230,3003.0 3VZE 5 Speed Manual Timing belt, water pump, alternator.
2016-02-231996 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown332,6502.7 5 speed Original clutch replaced at 330,000. Replaced all balljoints,front wheel bearings,and front axles 2 years ago no other major,just matience.Could use body work on fenders,bed sides at top of wheel arches,and rocker panels. Truck has been used mainly in 4wd for most all of life. Has been dependable.
2016-02-232003 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown291,6654 cly 4.2 Liter NONE Mostly Road miles
2016-02-222006 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown247,0004 cylinder Auto None Do Maintenance myself, Change oil every 5,000 miles. Quaker 5W-30. New plugs & coils at 125,00 miles. Change radiator & trans fluid every 50,000 miles. Change serpentine belt every 50,000 miles. Going to do brakes for a 2nd time soon. Averaging 100,000 miles on set of tires. I did shocks myself at 150,000. New battery 3 years ago. Only other thing, one bulb for a head light. Runs like new, and everything works perfect. Car is a Corolla S. Bought my wife a new Camry last year. Also have a Pickup that is not a Toyota. I have had to repair something on it every 2-3 months. It is on the same maintenance program, and all cars are kept in a heated garage. Pickup has 1/3 the miles of the Corolla. To bad it took me 50 years to figure this out.
2016-02-221999 Toyota RAV4Known, not shown341,0912.0 Fuel pump replaced I love my 1999 RAV4. I hope it never quits.
2016-02-192000 Toyota SiennaBrian 226,4771MZ-FE 3.0 V6 None Regular oil changes, new radiator and new belts at 200K. Perfect family van! Would buy another same year same model! Reliable engine
2016-02-192005 Lexus RXRich McGervey235,0003.3L V6 AWD timing belt changed twice. Original drivetrain. Going strong. Transmission shifts funny once in a while, but still works good. Have the typical vibrations from all the shielding all over the underside of the car. Selectively removing/customizing pieces.
2016-02-192008 Toyota 4RunnerCamdad212,112Auto Brakes front and back including calipers. Still drive like new
2016-02-191999 Toyota Camryajay vemula276,0002.2L Automatic Radiator, condenser, struts,suspensions,tires all replaced. Nicely pampered,regular oil changes with all filters and fluids.Runs very cool and smooth. 32miles/gallon .Cant beat it.
2016-02-162000 Toyota CelicaGary Kratz209,789GT 5 speed manual Catalytic converter, starter, water pump, injectors, front bearings, struts, bushings, rear wheel cylinders Original clutch and exhaust
2016-02-121998 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown,2.4L 4-cylinder, 5-speed manual Radiator x2 @ 96k miles and @ 165k Water pump x 1 @ 165k Clutch @ 203k
2016-02-122005 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown375,000Corolla 4S, automatic, 4 cylinder NONE All original, non-maintenance parts, including all original belts and hoses. Leaks no fluids, starts every time. Lucky enough not to have to replace any engine or transmission parts to date. Runs just a good as the day I bought the car. I use synthetic oil (changed every 12,000) and change all engine and transmission fluids every 100,000.
2016-02-081982 Toyota CelicaKnown, not shown385,60022R % speed manuel none
2016-02-082000 Toyota CelicaKnown, not shown280,0251.8 L 4 cyl manual transmission transmission rebuilt twice, new brakes, new clutch, new catalytic converter, new idler pulley I have looked at new cars, but none are as fun to drive as my Celica. Have had the car since 2006 when I bought it with 85,000 miles. Looking to get to 400,000 next. Gas mileage is great. Have run full synthetic oil in it since the day I bought it.
2016-02-061998 Toyota SiennaRandal Cornell300,011V6 automatic Now on 3rd catalytic converter. Wheel bearings Original engine and transmission. Has been to 48 states and half of Canada.
2016-02-031995 Toyota CelicaStella256,000GT Radiator, clutch, always changed oil and filter on time, proper maintenence still purrs like a kitten and so fun to drive!! I love my silly-car!!
2016-02-012003 Toyota PriusHelen Edwards218,6611.5 liter, 4 cylindar Exhaust pipe, air conditioning, fuel line, and the suspension alignment is off. I need to get muffler/exhaust system repaired as I just had the broken exhaust pipe piece welded years ago. Runs great! Rust developing on rear quarter panel passenger side. Still gets about 39.7 miles per gallon. It used to get about 42 miles per gallon when it was new. Very dependable and comfortable hybrid. I am glad I bought it when I retired.
2016-01-272006 Toyota TundraBryant Bower500,4304.7 V8, 5 speed automatic alternator replaced at 405169, drive shaft replaced at 428444(but it was probably bent from a rearender); universal joint 8 to 9000 mile oil change intervals,NEVER replaced timing belt, still using original; brakes work at 379,246; replaced spark plugs at 210975 & 402739. One amazing truck.
2016-01-262006 Toyota CamryYvan302,000V6 Auto Alternator and radiator
2016-01-252002 Toyota TacomaMeloni211,0003.4L, Standard Transmission Clutch replaced, U Joints replaced, Drive shaft replaced, rear axle, radiator replaced, need to do front cv axles because of torn boots. Needs shocks. Absolutely love this truck. I am original owner and I have also done normal maintenance/belts etc. I have no intention on parting with this vehicle in the near future. This has hauled many loads in town and made a few trips from the Southwestern US to the Northeastern US. Great vehicle.
2016-01-241993 Toyota PickupSreve Burg346,00022RE Manual 5speed clutch, starter, alternator, water pump, timing belt, radiator, clutch master and slave cylinders regular tune ups , oil changes , brakes , etc. Works great
2016-01-222002 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown365,0002.4L automatic passenger side control arm and CV joint
2016-01-181997 Toyota CamryShu-Min473,1104 cyl automatic None Original engine. Regular oil changes and tune ups. Solid as a rock and still runs fine!
2016-01-162000 Toyota SiennaBryan Gibby200,010V6, automatic New engine at 160K; minor collision repairs. Love my Sienna! I have two other Toyotas, but this is still my favorite one to drive. Good gas mileage, more comfortable. Has never gotten stuck in the snow in the 12 winters since I got it! Used extensively for towing a trailer without any difficulty.
2016-01-131997 Toyota 4RunnerTodd285,0003.4L V6 5/s Manual Driveshaft (slightly damaged while off-roading), Radiator. Everything else is just normal maintenance (timing belt, brakes, etc) I bought with 60k, and cannot believe it still has original clutch! And the A/C still blows cold. Twice I have towed a Jeep Wrangler from Salt Lake to Moab (about 200 miles). That plus all the off-roading we did was NOT easy on the clutch. The only thing I did around 200k was replace the clutch cable. 90% of the work has been done at the local dealer.