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Date Added Car Owner Miles (so far) Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
2015-03-212000 Lexus RXRM350,386AWD Rear diff replaced due to an oil change center that took an impact gun to it and cracked the case. All fluids changed early at 2000 km. Regular synthetic oil changes since new. Belts, Plugs. Coils changed at 250,000 km.
2015-03-202000 Toyota CamryDavid Tillman446,2184 cylinder, automatic transaxle Timing belt, alternator, motor mount This car is my Millennium Falcon. It still runs great, some body damage caused by a text_and_drive idiot and the insurance company called it a "total" but I kept the car, salvage title and all. I know it will do a half-million miles easy.
2015-03-182001 Toyota TacomaRob230,1003.4 v6 AT Timing belt was done before i bought the truck at 165,000, rear right axle seal changed at 190K. i have the Prerunner and do oil change every 3K miles. everything works 100%. will be passing this truck to my son in a few years.
2015-03-172005 Toyota PriusDaniel Showalter202,250Cvt hybrid battery. Light of death came on. $4,300 repair with only a 1 year warranty.
2015-03-141992 Toyota CamryKelly Hardy391,2654 cyl automatic transmission replacement SUBMITTING AGAIN FOR THE VIN NUMBER Replaced transmission in 2001 after someone slammed it into reverse when driving 55 mph on the freeway. Replaced the original alternator at 350 k miles and replaced the original fuel pump just yesterday. I love this car so much.
2015-03-122000 Toyota SiennaLloyd R. Kolack200,0093.3 V-6 Auto Replaced a radiator, alternator, 2 rear hatch opening handles and a right rear side-window hatch hinge. Also replaced 1 drivers-door window, motor, the device that holds open the door, and 1 windshield,(rock related). Followed the maintenance schedule that came with it. Bought as an LE option and serviced at Longo Toyota. The hatch handle replacements were the biggest pain. The hatch could not be opened from the inside without taking off the plastic upholstery. Engine and tranny are very good as well as most of the body. Over-all one of my better car investments.
2015-03-101996 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown393,1954 cylinder 3rz. Auto trans. No major repairs. Stock engine stock transmission. Replaced radiator
2015-03-052003 Toyota CorollaLeonard Alpert224,0001.8L, Auto Starter, struts, O2 sensors, intake manifold gasket
2015-03-052004 Toyota RAV4Leonard Alpert265,0002.4L, Auto, 4wd starter, O2 sensor Still going strong!
2015-03-052005 Toyota SiennaKnown, not shown411,0003.3 liter AWD LE Three radiators,One wheel bearing,One AC clutch, One alternator and at 400,000 a starter. Ive performed all the maintenance including Timing belts,plugs and common consumables. The dealer performed the Transmission flushes every 120,000 or so. The vehicle is requesting a catalytic converter but its a little late in the game for that. This vehicle is used as a service vehicle and it starts and stops 10 or so times a day. Its been a joy to own and I plan to replace it with another sienna AWD though its still running strong.
2015-03-031995 Toyota TacomaMichael Brandenburg352,0453.4 EFI DOHC 6cyl automatic Timing belt, water pump, seals and belts replaced at 351,950 miles. Upper and lower ball joints changed out at 300,000 miles.
2015-02-262000 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown345,0002.2L Automatic Accident: Engine cradle replaced, all four rims. I am the original owner. I have all the maintenance records/receipts from zero miles up through 345,000 miles.
2015-02-242002 Toyota EchoEdgar Rodriguez230,0005 speed manual Coil pack replacement Runs great.Check engine light on. Missfire on cylinder 1.
2015-02-222004 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown200,782V6 At about 200,000 had a number of repairs- prior to that just routine stuff (air filters/ brakes/fluids added). Hope to get another 100000 miles now. Had to have both lower control arm bushings replaced, transmission maintenance, engine flush service, torque mount replaced as well as pass. front caliper It was about time to hit all these repairs -
2015-02-181989 Toyota PickupMike Bickel340,8202.4 L 5 speed manual frame rusted out. had to replace only new vehicle I have ever bought. Still going strong.
2015-02-171988 Toyota 4RunnerKricket Bard338,2563.0l v6 5 speed manual truck was given to me in lieu of rent money. It needed a clutch and dmv paperwork finished as it was registered out of state. Ive put a clutch in it, harmonic balancer, timing belt as a precaution and other general maintenance and she just keeps on rolling. I loved taking this truck to the anza borrego desert and just had a great time playing with it. the a/c even still blows cold after a little bit of r-12 added to it.
2015-02-171990 Toyota CelicaKnown, not shown202,0002.2l 5 SPEED some suspension parts and timing belt and water pump runs awesome great on gas
2015-02-111999 Toyota TacomaJoe Salamone248,0002.4 5spd 150,000 new front brakes........original rears 200,000 replaced clutch 200,000 replaced 5 spd tranny with a used one. Should have rebuilt it. 230,000 replaced slave cylinder Got hit from behind and got new frt and rear bumper, radiator, evaporator and grill. Drive 60 miles a day to work. Everything works. Clearcoat is peeling off. Excellant frame. 14" tires are getting harder to find. Bought used with 47k around 2001. Very happy with it.
2015-02-101999 Toyota TacomaNelson Chavez225,5002.4 L None. running like a champ!!!!!!!!!!!
2015-02-102004 Toyota CamryLisa Allen201,6593.3-liter, 225-horsepower V6, 5 speed auto with manual shift mode Replaced the driver-side window mechanism when it failed around 165,000 miles. I stay on top of routine maintenance and this Toyo runs beautifully!
2015-02-102002 Lexus RXSteve eckrorh206,000awd None other than $400 for a defective window switch from the Lexus dealer. Oil has been changed every 3000 miles like clockwork
2015-02-081999 Toyota 4RunnerScott Sorrells328,6003.4 liter V-6 manual 5 speed transmission Had to have right side of frame repaired due to rust
2015-02-051996 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown200,500DX 1.8L - 5 Speed Manual NONE Great car, very reliable and cost efficient.
2015-02-031999 Toyota 4RunnerLaRain215,0003.4L Automatic Timing chain and water pump done twice now. Just replaced both CV axels, and rear drive shaft. Serviced the RD, FD, and TC for the first time as well. Shocks and struts replaced around 200K. Idle air control valve replaced around 180K. Radiator replaced. Very Dependable! Changed out the original fuel filter around 210K. I run cheap gas, and service the engine regularly with a synthetic oil. I swapped the driver and passenger seat cushions to even out the wear caused from big arses climbing in and out of the vehicle.
2015-02-012002 Toyota EchoTim Todd265,0004 Cylinder 5 Speed Manual Transmission Tires, wheel bearings, CV joints, alternator, water pump This has been an awesome car. Gets 44 MPG on the highway.
2015-02-011994 Toyota PickupJosh Parker342,4822.4L, 5-speed manual Rebuilt engine @339,830, after the rod started knocking,
2015-01-302003 Toyota 4RunnerSarah Petty239,5004.7L V8 5-speed Automatic 230,000 miles complete new rear end Purchased at 225k knowing it needed rear end work. Had it almost a year and is my daily driver 75-100 miles a day. LOVE IT! Hope to make it to 500k.
2015-01-241999 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown227,0002.7 litre 5 speed manual Starter solenoid rebuilt at 130,000 fuel filter changed same time, changed all fluids, dif(s) trans, brake, clutch and coolant at 110,000 replaced clutch master and slave cylinders at 200,000 replaced flexible gas line between tank and frame at 180,000
2015-01-211998 Toyota 4RunnerJessica Cooper Mayes 254,000V6 auto Blown head, replaced radiator
2015-01-182000 Lexus GSMark Phillips 200,437I-6, auto trans None Synthetic oil change every 4k or so. The engine will use a little oil between changes but still runs, drives and handles like a dream. I bought the vehicle with 174k miles on it in 2013.
2015-01-131996 Toyota CamryPatricia Wilson290,000v6 None - Original engine, transmission, etc. Minor work has been done such as brakes, CV joints, etc. Does need minor cosmetic work and things like window motors and carpeting.
2015-01-062000 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown245,1592.2l 4 speed automatic I have done all of the maintenance to this vehicle myself. 3 timing belts, cam and crank seals twice and 2 water pumps along with a thermostat. A radiator in 2011. A new evaporator, with drier and expansion block. Spark plug wires once, and 3 sets of plugs. 2 valve cover gaskets. Replaced the oil pump seals and gaskets and 4 sets of tires, (Michelin).
2014-12-221998 Toyota Corollaanthony person244,3371.8 dohc I4 5 speed transmission Radiator Runs great starts every time. Bought car on 12/3/14 as is.
2014-12-171994 Toyota 4RunnerJudd Morgan270,00022re 2.4 liter, 5 speed trans, 4X4 timing chain replaced, clutch, brakes, routine maintenance.
2014-12-131997 Toyota 4RunnerAndrew Reed497,124V6 2wd None OE ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION
2014-12-102000 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown320,303v6, automatic 5th gear went out of transmission 2yrs ago and the repair guy said that was rare for Toyota otherwise minor things. Still does great and I drive it everyday to work in another town which is quite a drive
2014-12-012003 Toyota 4RunnerFred,4.7L 8 Cylinder 4x4 Gasoline Replaced transmission at 203,749 Miles Runs great, does not burn oil, always starts and drives.
2014-11-282000 Toyota TundraKnown, not shown238,5004.7L V-8, 4-speed automatic Complete Transmission Replacement @ 47k Both side windows for back seat had latches break. Otherwise pretty durable.
2014-11-262000 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown250,1506 cyl, automatic I have replaced the head gasket, but everything else is routine.
2014-11-251999 Toyota CorollaRyan M337,1591.8L 4-Cyl, Automatic None UPDATE: Still running strong since last submission here (231,702 miles). Replaced the rear struts not long ago, but other than that I have not had to make any major repairs.
2014-11-252003 Toyota MatrixKnown, not shown218,4841.8L, automatic NONE GREAT CAR.
2014-11-241990 Toyota CorollaBill1647296,0001.6,automatic Couple timing belts,head gasket replacement 12000 miles ago,recently put on rebuilt struts.
2014-11-221999 Toyota Tacomadavid Sullivan ,manual no major repairs just change your oil every 2000 miles,I have change a spark plug and spark plug wires air filter amazing truck
2014-11-211999 Toyota TacomaTim Cline367,0002.4L L4 DOHC 5 speed manual No major repairs - Plugs and plug wires 3 times, Air filter replaced 3 times, replaced battery twice, Front brake rotors once / pads twice (rear brakes never touched). Repaced 1 Bank one O2 sensor. I think I have replaced the tires 3 times. This truck is driven 100 miles per day and has only had Castro 5w30 oil. This truck has original shocks and clutch parts. This has been a great truck! My goal is 500,000 miles - I believe the truck will make it but i am not so sure about my back!
2014-11-201999 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown487,290V6 Rebuilt transmission Original engine!!! Still running great!
2014-11-201999 Toyota CorollaAshish Amin213,0005 Speed Automatic, 1.8 liter in line engine None Great Car ! Passing it down to my son now!I saved the car so he could drive it and now that hes old enough he will!
2014-11-201999 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown225,0001zzfe, 4 speed auto 4 struts, 4 sway bar end links, 2 tie rods and valve cover gasket. all other repairs would be considered maintenance. original engine and trans. runs like new. hot heat, cold a/c. uses a quart of oil every 1500 miles.
2014-11-152000 Toyota CamryNick C313,0004 cyl. Auto Water pump and timing chain x2 Radiator Starter Runs perfect
2014-11-122007 Toyota TundraRuss Mantz227,0005.7 AUTOMATIC Starter @132000 Breaks @150000 replaced rotors rather than turn them, U joint (1) and (1) caliper @ 216000 I wore a hole in the Leather seat @ 200000 I would love 27 mpg but this Vehicle has been the best i have ever owned
2014-11-111996 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown201,7002.7L Manual Rear Drive axle and shocks replaced, head gasket, front brakes, and entire exhaust system Have beaten my Yota up. I know it has more due to the fact that the speedometer did not work for 1.5 years. Very reliable. Just need to fix the heater before winter.