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Date Added Car Owner Miles (so far) Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
2014-11-152000 Toyota CamryNick C313,0004 cyl. Auto Water pump and timing chain x2 Radiator Starter Runs perfect
2014-11-122007 Toyota TundraRuss Mantz227,0005.7 AUTOMATIC Starter @132000 Breaks @150000 replaced rotors rather than turn them, U joint (1) and (1) caliper @ 216000 I wore a hole in the Leather seat @ 200000 I would love 27 mpg but this Vehicle has been the best i have ever owned
2014-11-111996 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown201,7002.7L Manual Rear Drive axle and shocks replaced, head gasket, front brakes, and entire exhaust system Have beaten my Yota up. I know it has more due to the fact that the speedometer did not work for 1.5 years. Very reliable. Just need to fix the heater before winter.
2014-11-102000 Toyota CamryAlisa J Turk287,500V6 5 speed manual transmission Just need to replace leaking gaskets and belt/pump replacement I retired my last 4 cylinder Camry at 220,000 miles due to worn gaskets and did not have the money to replace. Then found this stick shift and fell in love. Did not know they made them, so this time I am replacing those gaskets. It even has the original clutch. I might think of retiring it in another year or 2, but only if I can have another 5 speed. I love my Camry
2014-11-102001 Toyota TacomaAdam223,0002.7L, 5 speed manual. spark plugs, and had shifter bushing done at 216,000. Only maintenance items such as oil changes, brakes, ect. Great, reliable truck. not too high of miles and still has a long life ahead of it. Runs great, has never let us down, no weird ticks or any engine noise. runs, shifts and drives like new. oil changed every 5,000 miles with high mileage synthetic.
2014-11-102005 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown295,7004 cyl, 5 speed manual Replaced clutch twice Replaced engine mounts due to wear. I bought this car new from a dealer in Maryland. This car has been a great car. I have driven it back and forth between Texas and Maryland. It has been to California and back five times. It has been to the midwest as well. I am on my fifth set of tires since owning the car.
2014-11-061994 Toyota PickupKnown, not shown319,36922RE, 5 Speed Manual 2 x Timing Chain, Main Seal, Water Pump, Fuel Pump. 2 front end accidents, oops (New hood, new grill, new radiator) Original Owner
2014-11-062004 Toyota SolaraDavid Weaver200,100V6 SE None. Need to add an additive upon oil change because the lifters stick a bit but other than that, perfect. Best car I have ever owned. Still runs like a top.
2014-11-021986 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown390,0002.0 Gas Automatic Engine Rebuilt because of worn rings at 340,000 miles. Timing Belts, A/C Compressor, small parts This car has original Automatic Transmission still. Whenever something would rarely go wrong with this car, it never left me stranded but alway took care of me and made it a repair facility for easy repair.
2014-10-312004 Toyota CamryJosh Hilliker260,8652.4L 4CYL DOHC 16V VVT-i SFI Engine, 4 Spd ECT-i Automatic Transmission none
2014-10-281992 Toyota CamryTom207,5292.2 5S-FE, Automatic Replaced Water pump, Front CV axles, Belts, Timing belt and front main seal cover, distributor, transmission flush and fill at 168,000 when I got it. Since the previous owner did not have "routine maintenance" in their vocabulary, I got it to be problem free until 207,529 miles, when it decided it had enough. Best car I have ever owned for under $1500. The only car that never let me down on the side of the road, my first Toyota, and the reason that when it finally had enough, I bought a 2013 Corolla. My goal with the Corolla is 500k miles, and thanks to my 92 Camry, I will forever be Toyota loyal!
2014-10-272004 Toyota CorollaGeoff Lewis200,0001.6 liter Auto None Minor - 4x bumpers, 2 sidewinds Had to drive a little extra but parked at 200k on the dot at work.
2014-10-231988 Toyota PickupAaron Chandler230,00022R 4 speed manual transmission Front wheel bearings, and new carburetor. Love this truck, almost no rust, still runs like new.
2014-10-121997 Toyota Tacomamichael irvin270,0352.4 l 5 speed manual Driver side, front ball joint (wheel mount)
2014-10-092008 Toyota CorollaAndrew L Tripp204,0001.6 liter Auto None Best car ever! Routine maintenance only. No major problems.
2014-10-092000 Toyota EchoKnown, not shown283,4621.5L, 5 speed None LOVE THIS CAR. Have only had to replace tires,brakes,rotors,drums, shocks and sensors. Maintained oil every 4k miles. Mostly highway driving.
2014-10-092005 Toyota CamryMike W200,5254 cyl. Automatic transmission Brakes and struts (fronts and backs). This car runs like a champ! Bought it new with 6 miles on it.
2014-10-051996 Toyota AvalonKnown, not shown236,2603 liter V-6, automatic struts/shocks, motor mounts, radiator, power window motors(2) Most all driving is in the city which wears down the brakes. This car is still running great. Use high mileage oil and have all the maintenace done as needed.
2014-10-051997 Toyota TercelNicolas289,1151.5L 5 speed Rear suspension and the oil pan gasket at 320,000 clics. and one CV axle that has to be changed, but have not done yet. Best car i have ever owned. it has never left me stranded on the side of the road. Sadly i will have to let it go soon. because i want to buy another one that has no rust and lower millage. The rocker panels and the floor is rusted all the way through. (Fred Flintstone style) I live in Quebec, winter salted roads will eat a car right up...
2014-10-011997 Toyota 4RunnerCharles Bieber310,389V-6 Front Rotors and brake pads, 250,000 miles, Starter at 309,557 miles and also valve cover gaskets at this time,
2014-09-302005 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown237,9911.8L automatic rotors at 220,000. struts at 236,000. serpentine belt at 222,000 great car. owned it from new. gets 30 mpg in the city constantly and 40 to 42 on the HWY. amazing car!
2014-09-292004 Toyota VanKathy Stone282,000V6 automatic Timing belt x2, Radiator( recalled and covered by Toyota), alternator , Catalytic converter. Changed my oil every 3k. I love this car!
2014-09-252001 Toyota HighlanderRobert Granvle365,000V6 Transmission twice alternator rear shocks
2014-09-232002 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown,4.0 struts(front & rear), motor mount (top),cooling fan, starter, a/c compressor, radiator, catalyic convertor, oxygen sensors (both), dash a/c control button, rake & pinion, sunroof motor went out, have too clean carburetor after so many miles. Bought car in 2005 had 3,600 miles on it, yes I know right still brand new. Runs good started to do regular maintains due to wear & tear on highway 2010. Its a car I had to realize that things break just get them fix as they break so problems want escalate to something worse. I love my CAMRY
2014-09-212004 Toyota 4RunnerDale249,250V6 sport edition Had to replace all pulleys alternator and AC compressor after driving thru a creek that was over 4 foot deep to get back home during a tropical storm. Just replaced the brake rotors for the first time at 225,000.
2014-09-161991 Toyota PreviaAutomatic441,0362.4 "none" All original. No major repairs. Everyday driver
2014-09-162007 Toyota CorollaMohan Jayaraman200,0001.8L Auto none Great car : Buy. Drive. Repeat.
2014-09-151985 Toyota SupraKnown, not shown284,7782.8L DOHC V6 - 5 Speed Replaced cooling System
2014-09-151998 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown360,000v6 Automatic Normal Maintenance over the years-Recently needed Catalytic Converter to get engine light off. Still on original transmission! Midwest car-but has almost no rust. Shock mounts in rear rattle need to be replaced again. Still a great car.
2014-09-121995 Toyota Corollafloyd 575,0001.6 automatic rack and pinion, motor mounts i am the second owner bought this car with 28,000 miles on it,very dependable car I have owned it for 18 years original engine and transmission, i wonder if this car will ever stop running?
2014-09-091995 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown200,3494 cyl. - Automatic altenator, starter Best car I have had. Car still runs great.
2014-09-092003 Toyota Land CruiserSteven Toner201,6493.0 Diesel, 4 cylinder, 4 speed automatic Front right wheel bearing, Diesel fuel valves, Both front semi axles, including CV boots, Water pump. European spec. Toyota Prado, great 4X4 that keeps you riding in high style, it is so great off road you will have your passenger amazed at how will it climb a near vertical hill.
2014-09-011999 Toyota CorollaJay 249,543Automatic, 1.8L None Oil change religiously every 3k miles with cheap Walmart brand. Normal maintenance. These cars are nearly bullet proof.
2014-08-312006 Toyota CorollaJose Mendoza200,008Automatic 4 Cylinder None I bought this car brand new in 2006. Will be replacing exhaust manifold shortly due to crack in existing manifold. No other major repairs to date. Great on gas; excellent condition. Commute daily and taken many road trips with no issues. Money well spent.
2014-08-301988 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown448,2974 ae 5 speed twin cam At 420,000 had new trans axel replaced as well as a couple of motor mounts. Last year in July , a deer tried to knock me off of the road and took out my win --shield out and banged up the front fender on the passenger side.
2014-08-292003 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown208,0002.7 liter 4 cylinder - Automatic Transmission none
2014-08-252006 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown204,3584 cyl standard transmission Starter was replaced in 2011
2014-08-222002 Toyota SiennaElizabeth Paskoff230,045Automatic transmission. not sure engine size Catalytic converters replaced - back in 2010, front in 2012
2014-08-221997 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown453,4674 cyl.; manual Frame welded cracks; new clutch Awesome running truck!
2014-08-211993 Toyota CamrySikander Ali Soomro354,805 4 Cylinders, Automatic Oil changed every 2000 - 40000 miles depands on drive and just regular maintenance stuff plugs wires filter etc.
2014-08-201997 Toyota CorollaKeith Outerbridge244,1251.8 l Front end, Calipers, Rotor, Alternator,Shocks,Master Cylinder, I have this car forall 244,000 miles..I drove it everywhere and continue to drive it from NY to Miami and far west as Chicago. It runs better than most new cars and GREAT on GAS
2014-08-191997 Toyota CorollaKeith Outerbridge252,0001.8 Auto Alternator, power steering belts,
2014-08-101995 Toyota Tacomajohn watson319,0142.7 automatic None Oil changed every 3000 miles and just regular maintenance stuff plugs wires filter
2014-08-071995 Toyota TacomaRaul Aldape200,000automatic 4 cylinder replaced radiator 2013 & fixed left wheel axle 2008; ac stopped working in 2005. love my Toyota Tacoma
2014-08-071996 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown220,0003.4 L v6, automatic, 4x4 Timing belt as scheduled, front stabilizer bar ends I wish I had known about Toyota 4Runner 4x4 long ago! I could have saved a fortune and driven the most useful, economical & dependable vehicle in my 52 years of driving. I carry lumber and tools on top, tools inside, pull small camper at 15.3 mpg. (22.4 on highway without camper) Thank you, Toyota!
2014-08-032004 Toyota SiennaKarla/Shawn200,600automatic- belt went out once- Love my van and hope to have it for years to come!!!!
2014-08-032006 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown252,0371.8 L Automatic Front Wheel bearing. Hit two deer with about 1,800 in damage each time.
2014-07-312007 Scion TcRichard Rivera200,0004 cylinder automatic Fender bender, hit deer on highway. I commute from Pa to Nyc, 180 mile round trip. Car has withstood potholes, deers and assorted nj drivers and starts up everytime!
2014-07-222000 Toyota Land CruiserJoe Max Higgins, JR230,0004.7 V-8 New CV axels, head gaskets, timing belt, thermostat, water pump and shocks
2014-07-211995 Toyota CorollaChris Goebel362,9601.6L manual trans None Have to change my starter soon, which will be the first engine component I have ever replaced. Been in my family since day 1...I sold my BMW and kept my Corolla by choice!