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Date Added Car Owner Miles (so far) Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
2017-06-192010 Scion xBDan Hawkins213,9301.8L None Drive around 40000 miles year. Never any engine problems. Go through tires and brakes faster than most people. Change the oil twice a year whether it needs it or not. Having an issue with front drivers side brake right now but engine is awesome. All my miles. Purchased new.
2017-06-181998 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown256,5552.7L v4 Auto none Amazing vehicle. Had it in the my fleet since it only had 75,000 miles on it. No real major repairs. Just well maintained. I changed the fuel injectors, spark plugs, and some other minor things at 150K miles. I just put a brand new set of tires on it at 250K miles. I think that really says something about these vehicles.
2017-06-152006 Scion xBKnown, not shown299,9901.5L 4cylinder, 5 speed manual Alternator replaced at least 3 times. (Other than the original, the others were re-manufactured units that have not been as good as the OEM. Front wheel bearings replaced twice and the rear hub/bearings replaced once. Original clutch as far as I know. I bought the car with 114,000 miles on it and most of the service info at that point. Has a DC brand header, Injen brand cold air intake, a K&N air filter, Greddy Revolution RS exhaust, and OZ racing wheels.
2017-06-112001 Toyota TundraKnown, not shown201,3194.7 V8 o2 sensor, Radiator, Water pump
2017-06-091999 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown371,0002.4 manual radiator , u joints I keep the oil and plugs changed at the required intervals . Still gets 27 MPG and burns no oil . It is starting to get some rust on the under side .
2017-06-061999 Toyota AvalonJordan Day400,9006 cylinder, automatic timing belt original transmission and engine
2017-06-041997 Toyota CorollaManuel Armindo226,1792000cm3 Diesel atmosferic, manual transmition general painting, front right wheel body, front new optics.
2017-05-312002 Toyota TundraKnown, not shown,V8 Auto NONE I just want to keep my truck, this is my 2nd Toyota truck
2017-05-281996 Toyota TercelBen Beale,1.5l 4 cylinder 4-speed manual Clutch, Timing belt Daily Driver
2017-05-251997 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown375,4002.2 l, 4 cyl, automatic timing belts, power steering, radiator, rack pinion, struts first owner
2017-05-222008 Toyota Tundra6 speed automatic 225,0005.7 iforce None
2017-05-202002 Toyota EchoKnown, not shown503,0001.5l 4 cylinder manual replace transmission
2017-05-192000 Toyota CelicaMichele Lazorko273,0464 Cl. Automatic Alternator. Painted 3 times due to high humidity where I live. Will get a new car @ 300,000 miles or 2020, whichever comes first. I love this car. Will cry when I sell it.
2017-05-172001 Toyota TacomaRichard Bolin337,5602.7 5 speed manual 4x4 No repairs to power train All original power train including clutch. Engine runs perfect. Just repairing front end from a collision.
2017-05-141980 Toyota TercelDoug McDougall203,0001500 4speed manual brakes, tune-ups, carb rebuild, but nothing major. daily driver
2017-05-142008 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown217,500V6 NOT Limited or 4WD NONE Purchased new. Replaced water pump at 210,000. Brake pads twice since purchase (last in 2016). Installed Garmin back-up camera myself and now enjoy backing into parking spaces!
2017-05-101999 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown,6 cyl None Original owner, still driving over 25,000 per year, original engine, transmission, everything
2017-05-052001 Toyota CamryJeff Horan300,0004 cyl Just timing belt and clutch
2017-05-042007 Toyota FJ CruiserCaanon M Russell200,1984.0L V6, Maunual "none" 1st vehicle to hit over 200,000 miles and love my Toyota FJ, on and off-road Upgraded Front Upper Control Arms to Fabtech w/ Uniball Upgrades include; Rear Upper & Lower & Trail Arm w/ Johnny-joints (more flex), Rancho Quick-lift (F) 3" w/ (R) 3" Pro Comp Coils {20% stiffer} along w/(R)1.5" rubber spacers, All-Pro IFS (Steel) Engine skid, Total Chaos Front Lower Control Arm skids (Blue aluminum)
2017-05-022008 Scion xBKnown, not shown200,222Automatic Shocks, struts, breaks and water pump.
2017-05-022005 Toyota TacomaDan weston203,4564.0 motor auto trans None Great truck bought it new and will drive it for years to come
2017-05-012007 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown275,000Hybrid Toyota oil consumption warranty
2017-04-232008 Toyota PriusFrank Steen200,0011.5/hybrid bought at 175k previous owner had some expensive heater a/c issues repaired for about $1800. I placed two red reflective strips on the rear bumpers it increase conspicuity from the rear. It has a few stone chips mended with touch-up paint. 50 mpg at 70 mph. Seems to be more solid than our Gen 3 2010 which has 107K very pleased that I found a very well maintained prius 18 months ago which shows little signs of its age and miles.
2017-04-211999 Toyota SolaraKnown, not shown550,000V6 3.0 Timing Belts (1) water pump (1) alt idlers seals runs 100 percent Mobil 1 None
2017-04-182007 Toyota SolaraMaxine Gordon202,786V-6, Automatic None Bought this Solara in 2008 with about 8,000 miles on it...I am the second owner and have personally driven all additional miles.
2017-04-181997 Toyota CamryBryson Baker248,0001MZFE 3.0 V6 FWD A541 4Spd Auto Replaced Front Control Arms, Wheel Bearings, Sway Bar Links and Bushings,K&N Air Filter Replaced Spark Plug Wires ORIGINAL ENGINE + TRANSMISSION Royal Purple 10w-30 + Lucas Oil Stabilizer NGK Spark Plugs Goodyear Assurance 205/55/16 Daily Driver 50 Miles a Day
2017-04-172008 Scion xBKnown, not shown300,2034 cylinder automatic Just transmission fix Replacement brakes Reliable car and still going strong!
2017-04-082006 Toyota HighlanderRandy Hill381,0006 cylinder, automatic I am still driving this Toyota with the original belt and timing chain. I go through tires mostly. My Highlander looks like new in and out, all freeway mile from Santa Barbara to LA, and Santa Barbara to the SF Bay Area.
2017-04-051994 Toyota PickupDavid M White200,00022re
2017-04-041995 Toyota CamryTom Wiewel276,7002.2 Brake booster
2017-04-041997 Toyota CamryTue215,000V6 Automatic Transmission
2017-04-032005 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown376,0004 wheel drive Replaced the transmission Driver side window is slow
2017-04-012001 Toyota 4RunnerSteve Gutfeld222,5003.i L V^, auto trans none just routine maintenance, never had a brake job 50% left at current inspection Great vehicle!! does everything I have asked
2017-03-312007 Toyota CamryJonathan Bechtel200,0004 Cylinder, Automatic none
2017-03-271987 Toyota CorollaMoses Smith334,0004A,Auto None This car is immortal.
2017-03-222004 Toyota HighlanderDenis Pickron,V6 periodic timing belt replacement, brakes,
2017-03-222003 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown206,0002.4L Auto None
2017-03-201997 Lexus LXJohn Steczkowski268,4534.5 litre None
2017-03-132005 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown347,2563.3L V6, 5 speed auto None, minor body work. Bought from previous owner who purchased it used in 2008 with 40,000 miles. No major mechanical problems and oil changes every 3,000 miles. Other than body damage, it runs like a champ with 347,000 miles.
2017-03-132001 Toyota SequoiaKnown, not shown300,000v8 belts and sparkplugs as well as fuel pump awesome vehicles
2017-03-082006 Toyota PriusAaron Taylor332,000Automatic 4 cyl Axel replacement
2017-03-062010 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown221,500Engine 1.8 liter - transmission automatic None Regular 100,000 mile service include Transmission Flush, Spark Plug Change, Radiator Flush, Front End alignment and replacement of front brakes pads and rotors. Oil changes at 5000 miles and air filter every 15000 miles. Replace PVC and at 200,000 miles. Still runs like new.
2017-03-062003 Toyota Siennaleonard farrell215,0003.0 litre V6 Automatic Catalytic Convertor at 175K, tailgate latch
2017-03-032010 Toyota TundraJUERGEN SCHWAN235,0005.7 NONE
2017-02-281997 Toyota CamryBrandon Nichols245,6002.2 L. 4 Cyl. FWD none
2017-02-272002 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown324,5003.0 liter V6 AWD Auto New Transmission at 285k Anyone want to buy it?
2017-02-272007 Toyota TacomaYoshi Aday201,8904 cylinder 2.7l Steering wheel spiral cable, locked parking brake, frame recall, leaf springs
2017-02-212003 Toyota 4RunnerClaudia M.200,427V8, Automatic None Only repairs done are brakes. To this day, have not changed timing belt. Car runs great!
2017-02-172007 Toyota SiennaRick Anderson380,000V-6 Water pump, change oil 8k to 10k runs great
2017-02-062002 Toyota TacomaRicardo Rojas400,3422.4 lLT Manual Transmision Fuel Pump,O2 sensor Fuel cap ,front brakes drain coolant, fuel filter once I am happy with my truck, I know I should be doing more to it than just changing the oil 6K at times even 10 K