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Date Added Car Owner Miles (so far) Drivetrain Major Repairs Comments
2016-06-251999 Toyota TacomaJenkinson291,996v4 SR5 None It was a work truck from the start, has been drivin like a baby, and still runs like it has 5 Miles on it.
2016-06-252006 Scion xBDouglas Cartwright361,0201.5L 103 hp (77 kW) - 108 hp (81 kW) 1NZ-FE I4 None What a work horse this little guy has been. Add to that great mileage. It has take me back EVERYWHERE. Brakes, oil and some minor repairs and back on the road we went. Expect to hit 400,000 miles by years end or shortly thereafter.
2016-06-172005 Toyota Corollamatthew sobieszczyk247,000ce manual bearings,air intake gasket,cv joint, water pump,alternator,ac compressor,exhust runs drives like the first day I bought it, I even tow boats and 4wheelers with it.great little car
2016-06-142001 Toyota TundraJay Bond300,135V6 Automatic First major repair at 296,013 miles ... Both front lower ball joints Great truck ... if this one ever gives out, I want another one. All regular maintenance performed by Toyota dealer. Great service and fair prices.
2016-06-102008 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown279,300V6, automatic None
2016-06-071999 Toyota SolaraJ.C.225,0003.0 v6 , 5 SPD. Manual None Full synthetic motor oil changed between every 3,000 and 4,000 miles with high milage filter and a magnetic drain plug.
2016-06-052004 Toyota SiennaKnown, not shown262,353V6 automatic None We love Toyotas. We have three.
2016-06-041997 Toyota Land CruiserAustin Brumley,1FZE I Had the engine overhauled at 278k when I added a TRD supercharger
2016-05-241996 Toyota RAV4Known, not shown230,000automatic none only had typical maintenance and repairs like brakes,tires,etc.
2016-05-242006 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown205,0004.0L, 5 speed auto None! Only items replaced were a battery at 7 years, tires, and oil changes. Even the brakes lasted 200,000 miles. They still had 4 mm left on the pads when replaced at 200,000. Had a lot of parts replaced at 200,000 just for preventive maintenance. Replaced muffler, all fluids, water pump, fan clutch, serpentine belt, idlers, tensioners, spark plugs, front axle CV boots, starter, alternator, cleaned fuel injectors. For $5000, I got a brand new car!
2016-05-212001 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown223,0002.4l 4cylinder/5speed/Manual Transmission Clutch Sensor(Under Warranty), Replaced Battery, Usual Maintenance(Brakes/Oil/CoolantFilter/Tires)
2016-05-182001 Toyota EchoSteven290,0001.5 automatic none
2016-05-151999 Toyota 4RunnerKnown, not shown294,2246 cup/automatic New radiator installed at 290,392 miles
2016-05-152003 Toyota HighlanderCraig Caldwell300,0016 cyl automatic None
2016-05-142004 Toyota TundraRoger Vink550,0004.7V8 auto none Only repairs have been an alternator and radiator.Mobil One every 5k since new
2016-05-121996 Toyota T100Jonathan daugherty274,0002 wheel drive automatic 3.4liter 5vzfe Just the body and the windshield the prior owner rolled it Great truck, going strong! Bought it for 800$ from the prior owner, used the little jack that comes with it to put the roof back where it was supposed to be haha Great first vehicle, I will be driving it until it is dust and then I will be driving the dust!
2016-05-122005 Toyota TacomaLlew300,031V6, Manual Transmission, clutch, front hub assembly on each side, fronts brakes Originator owner; started at 1 mile.
2016-05-102000 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown200,00352.2 4cyl
2016-05-101997 Toyota CamryGD300,1204 cylinder, automatic RADIATOR, WATER PUMP,TIMING BELT x2,
2016-05-092004 Toyota TundraKnown, not shown315,328Automatic 340 transfer 5 speed None Most reliable vehicle ever!!!!!
2016-05-031995 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown255,0002.4 auto 2wd Stater,generator,waterpump,balljoints,timing chain,Transmission , front brakes This is my third Toyota pick-up
2016-05-022005 Toyota 4RunnerDoug216,0004.0 V6 Sunroof needed to be replaced at about 175K miles (picked up one off of a wreck for $800), rear window regulator rusted out at 210K miles and needed to be replaced (only $120 for the parts, but removing the old rusted out regulator took time), new exhaust system at 200K (but that was expected driving in snow and salt in the northeast) Unbelievable vehicle...will keep running it as long as I can..engine and drivetrain works as well as it did when I picked it up new off the showroom floor. The body will rust out before the 4runner dies.
2016-05-021999 Toyota RAV4George H. Le286,343manual replaced: clutch, timing belt fix under floor rusty and leak break line and fuel
2016-05-011996 Toyota TacomaAutomatic 258,0002.4 Radiator, starter.
2016-04-271986 Toyota PickupPatrick Kissman348,29522r 5 speed None Just bought this truck, it is an 86 2wd Xtra cab long bed. Currently it is in need of repair but as far as I am aware nothing major has been replaced on this truck.
2016-04-262003 Toyota PickupDAVID VOLPE200,0004.7 iforce breaks, timing belt, front cat and O2 sensors, LOVE TOYOTA!!!!
2016-04-212004 Toyota SiennaKnown, not shown243,784V6, auto none
2016-04-211986 Toyota 4RunnerDrew Johnson289,00022re radiator, clutch, starter,
2016-04-202007 Toyota TundraChad Larkin200,8885.7 Litre Automatic Starter Motor Replaced Currently on 3rd battery 3rd set of tires and 3rd set of plugs The drive shaft was replaced under service advisory but had not failed
2016-04-182006 Lexus GSKnown, not shown213,4413,5L,CVT (GS450h) None that I know Bought this with 343000 km. We will see if this is a keeper.
2016-04-142002 Toyota SequoiaJen305,765V8 Fuel pump in 2014
2016-04-102002 Toyota TundraMM323,000V8, 4.7, auto, 4WD Timing belt (2x),water pump, radiator Original owner, still in very good condition, towing package, but never towed a thing, never abused. It has been on road trips all over US and Canada. Now my daily driver. Love it! Will drive it until dies.
2016-04-092000 Toyota TundraEdward bedolla215,0004.7L Ignition coils
2016-04-082011 Toyota YarisKnown, not shown233,0001.5l 5 speed Manual None Only repairs have been a few brake jobs, tires, oil changes and fluids.
2016-04-072003 Toyota TacomaKnown, not shown215,000v6; automatic Needed O2 sensors changed at 125,000. AC Compressor went at 205,000. Seal on gas tank went at 190,000 (it was not expensive to fix). Great car; very durable. That said, I keep up with Oil Changes and other routine things to keep the car going. If you want to see how durable, check out what they did to one of these trucks on Top Gear a few years ago.
2016-04-072002 Toyota AvalonKeista Anderson305,3213.0 liter v6 None
2016-04-062006 Toyota 4RunnerPaul Belleau553,0004.7 V-8 Alternator at 400,000 Radiator at 435,000 Original owner. Changed plugs and timing belt once. Transmission has never been looked at. Still runs incredibly well.
2016-04-042003 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown202,6584 cylinder, 1.8L, Automatic Regular maintenance only: fluid changes, tires & brakes One of the best cars I ever had.
2016-04-042004 Toyota PriusDave Johnson244,5621.5 L, CVT NONE! Replaced when needed: tires, brakes and ONE set of spark plugs. Water pump was replaced under recall. Normal oil changes. I have yet to do a transmission service or a timing belt. Best car I have ever owned. My youngest son is still driving it today.
2016-04-032005 Toyota Corollaalex grey209,1901.4diesel,MMT gearbox 3xclutches so far, new radiator, recon alternator, numerous tyres, 2 x front wheels bearings, brakes allround several times. Owned from 22,000miles, never let me down, totally reliable, returns 65mpg on mway runs
2016-03-312002 Toyota TundraDavid LeRoux300,0004.7 V8 - automatic TRANSMISSION AT 170,000, broken steering column just last week, repaired - many repairs for normal wear and tear with this type of mileage She just hit 300,000 miles today on my way to work this morning, 3/31/2016 5:38am, Rte 140, Ext 8 Lakeville, MA Under our current family financial situation I cant afford a new or newer Truck so I need to make this one last. For the last 3 years I have been driving 100 miles round trip 5 days a week to work in Franklin, MA from Acushnet, MA if anyone would like to help the fund or a dealership who would like to offer a newer Toyota truck on an amazing deal - I will consider all Thanks Love my Toyota she takes my daughter back and forth to college in Amhesrt, she plows through crazy winter snow and gets me to work, she helps my freinds move, her engine does not leak, I love this truck I have had it for 12 years now! Dave
2016-03-312006 Toyota AvalonTira and Lawrence Beane200,0386cyl auto 6 speed Alternator and starter and water pump replaced. CV joint replaced and now there is vibration on acceleration all the time. The navigation toggle button stopped working which effectively stopped me from using my navigation system. Toyota dealership wants $900 to fix. The rear window shade jumped the track and the Toyota dealership wants $2000 to repair. Transmission is still!silky smoother and acceleration is still phenomenal.
2016-03-292004 Toyota SiennaRana ahmad451,451V-6 Only transmission 1 time
2016-03-292007 Toyota CorollaFrank Paglia,Automatic 1.8L Engine none Started with synthetic oil when I first bought the car new in 2006. The only problem is the odometer stops at 299,999 miles so I have been using the 10,000 mile trip meter to keep track.
2016-03-282002 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown424,0322.4 L DOHC Automatic none, just the basic repairs like alternator, starter, brakes, struts I still have the original muffler & pipes ! Awesome performing car, 100% very reliable best car I ever had. Everything still works.
2016-03-161994 Toyota PickupKnown, not shown229,9003.0, manual Radiator, starter motor, power steering pump Can still make 20 MPG under ideal conditions.
2016-03-072000 Toyota Echogreg limbach,1.5 manual trans bearings & 2nd gear with clutch 425 miles driven weekly with 10 gallons of gas
2016-03-042000 Toyota 4RunnerDorothy L. Petrey229,3563.4L V6 Automatic None Original owner. Recommended maintenance done regularly. 4 sets of tires. Running high mileage and synthetic oil alternately. I love my 4Runner.
2016-03-032003 Toyota TundraKnown, not shown265,0004.7l, V8, 4X$ None Fluids, Timing belt X2, hoses, belts and brakes. Only issues so far
2016-03-032006 Toyota CamryCindy Mortensen200,3004 cylinder automatic None Love this car!