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Car Owner Miles Drivetrain Major Repairs CommentsDate Added
2005 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown237,5111.8L I4 2ZZ-GE, 6-speed manual transmission replaced clutch owned for just 3 yrs, only had 197k when purchase, has been a blast to own so far.2015-10-01
2001 Toyota Tacomasteven robert beckwith517,0002.7 5 speed fuel pump at 370,000. alt at 375,000 battery at 250,000 400,000 starter at 300,000 and 450,000. power steering pump at 37,000. all parts replaced are what i would consider normal wear parts. this truck is unreal for how long everything lasts. i put synthetic oil in everything at about 50,000 miles and have change it about every 100,000 since it was new. will be buying a new one in the next year since i drive so much. engine is still running strong but have had emmisions issues lately.2015-09-28
2007 Toyota TacomaTim Hurley440,0006 cyl Automatic I have driven this truck over every kind of driving you can imagine..Off road..Highway traffic.. City...The best vehicle I have ever owned..No major repairs..3 sets of U joints and a rear bearing replacement is the worst I have had done to it..Amazing Truck2015-09-19
1999 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown230,0005SFE automatic Engine mounts, shocks, ball joints, bushings, frayed electric wires, light assembly, door knob, radiator replacement, timing belt replacement including water pump, pulleys, crank/cam shaft oil seals. Fantastic cars. The other Camry 2000 V6 1MZFE made in Japan is even better.. Hardly any part problem. Toyota museum, Japan, in 1993, extremely kind, good reputation, so I bought two Camrys and they are really DIYers car, too. Bought Hond Civic to my daughter because Toyota did not have problems and three Toyotas may look funny in my neighbor. Will buy Toyota again. Good is as good does, no matter which nationality it is.2015-09-03
2004 Toyota MatrixLee Knisley200,3001.8L 4-cylinder None. Check engine light has been on for a few years caused by the oxygen sensors, but still passes emissions every two years with a simple reset! Great commuting vehicle, will keep it until it quits2015-08-28
1997 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown310,8701.8 liter, 4 speed automatic none This car did the first 100K in NYC. It has been from Maine to Key West, BC to San Diego and across many times.2015-08-27
204 Toyota 4Runnerdon ransenberg304,000v8 4.7 liter none best vehicle I have owned2015-08-22
1992 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown381,0003VZ-FE V6, A540E automatic transmission Transmission replaced under warranty at 59k miles, engine head gaskets replaced at 332k miles. 2015-08-21
2003 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown269,7004-Cylinder Automatice None 2015-08-20
1995 Toyota AvalonKnown, not shown408,1930006 , Automatic none Not sure what you mean by major repairs. Thinking you mean transmission, engine, etc. have had several windshields replaced. back bumper, front bumper. Has not been wrecked but has gotten bumped into. We get it serviced every 2500 miles. Have been across up and down the country. Love my car, and hope to get to 500,000 miles.2015-08-20
2000 Toyota TundraWalter Washam322,0004.7 v8 4 speed auto Toyota replaced transmission at 54,000 miles.I replaced radiator,tie rods,upper and lower ball joints,stereo,stereo speakers,windshield broken from rock,c.v.axles,brake calipers,headlights and one universal joint. best truck I ever had!i have not been easy on this truck!it does not use any oil and no oil leaks ever! I have done regular maintenance like timing belts every 110,000 miles,one water pump and serpentine belt.i have installed a cold air box,stainless steel headers and tru dual exhaust.i have turned up the computer for more timing and fuel and air mixture.if I ever wear this truck out,i will buy another one! 2015-08-19
1998 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown297,6582.2L 4cyl Trans shift cable. oil changes, brakes, 1 new exhaust that it all 2015-08-19
1998 Toyota CamryFelando 222,2152.4 liter 4 cyl Timing belts, radiator hose was changed. Head lights were replaced. Repaired 2 door motors as they became very weak opening the and closing the windows. Rear tail light bulb was replaced. Windshield was replaced due to cracked caused by rock. Cigarette lighter no longer working and radio went out 2 years ago. It has a very slow oil leak. I used European synthetic 0-40W oil. Maybe if I moved up to high mileage 10W-30 weight oil it would stop. It seems to be coming from the valve cover gasket. Maybe 1 quart every 1,000 to 1,300 miles. It runs so quietly still and smooth. It idles quiet. Power is not great, but hits 33 mpg on the highway. 2015-08-18
1998 Toyota 4RunnerEduardo Villanueva255,000automatic v6 3.3L none 2015-08-13
2005 Toyota Siennakasey kutsuzawa200,014six cylinder - automatic front brake pads replaced @129,891 mi. others all minor including battery replacement @12,400 mi. new tires @37,000, @67,000, 88,000 mi., etc. oil change each 5,000 mi. increment till 125,000 mi., thereafter each 4,000 mi. still 23/27 mpg in average thanks to removed 2nd row seats & cautious driving air blow rotary switch - better if top position is for "face-blow" and left-most position for "foot-blow"2015-08-12
2000 Toyota CamryEd Lope327,0003.0 v6 ; automatic transmission New timing belt at 144k. New struts on all four wheels 2015-08-05
2000 Toyota AvalonKnown, not shown380,014V6 No major repairs. It permanently shows the check engine light. Repairs made, still shows light for same thing. Drives fine.2015-08-05
1993 Toyota CamryRobert Shelton424,0002.2 5sfe auto trans None - engine and trans have never had a major repair. Lots and lots of maintenance, but still using mostly original parts, including wheel bearings, exhaust and even muffler! Repaired lots of wear hardened wires broken inside the harness. Still using the original un-damaged seat covers!2015-08-05
2002 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown333,333V6 Mostly just routine maintenance. Timing belt has been changed twice. New front and rear rotors at 320K. New alternator at 300K. This is an amazing vehicle that runs great and never fails me. I usually spend around $1K/year on maintenance (new tires or new brakes, timing belt etc...) I also search out great mechanics who are proactive. Hope to make it to 500K!! Thank you Toyota for making such a great car!!2015-07-31
2003 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown202,0001.8 lt, automatic timing belt change love this car. butter like drive. 2015-07-29

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