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Car Owner Miles Drivetrain Major Repairs CommentsDate Added
2002 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown333,333V6 Mostly just routine maintenance. Timing belt has been changed twice. New front and rear rotors at 320K. New alternator at 300K. This is an amazing vehicle that runs great and never fails me. I usually spend around $1K/year on maintenance (new tires or new brakes, timing belt etc...) I also search out great mechanics who are proactive. Hope to make it to 500K!! Thank you Toyota for making such a great car!!2015-07-31
2003 Toyota CorollaKnown, not shown202,0001.8 lt, automatic timing belt change love this car. butter like drive. 2015-07-29
1996 Toyota T100Scott Jablonski501,5003.4 v6 manual 5 speed rebuilt transmission, clutch Does not burn a drop of oil.2015-07-27
1999 Toyota 4RunnerMobius Thorpe237,3123.4 auto Starter timing 2015-07-22
2001 Toyota SequoiaCarLotta Mitchell300,545V8 None Small repairs have been - Handle on rear gate, and radiator replaced. I have an OT sensor that is bad in the catalytic converter, however after my truck reached 300,000 miles the engine light no longer came on as an indicator. 2015-07-22
1999 Toyota AvalonRichard Pham3287,2001MZFE, Auto Update 3. Change Valve covers again at 280k, replaced fuel filter, CV axle, and fixed an issue with P0140 code. Now only problems to address is axle seal leaking, and front right shock leaking. Timing belt coming soon. Wanting to last pass 300k. People impress with mileage and how I still drive long distances. I trust my car and been saving me from any car payments even though I never had one. Parents bought me car in college used in 2004 and I still have to day 11 years later. Buy Toyota=)2015-07-17
2003 Toyota TundraTom McCurdy245,0003.4lt,5-speed manual, 4WD Replaced frt strut assys and rear shocks at 220k. belts, hoses, timing chain, water pump at 100k 200k. Front pads at 150k. Original clutch. Needs valve cover gaskets. No oil consumption on 5000 mld changes, mobile1 10w30 since new. Love this truck!2015-07-10
1999 Toyota TacomaRebbecca Abair250,0002.4 liter manual none bought this truck new. I still have the original clutch and it works great! This truck will be with me until one of us dies!2015-07-09
1991 Toyota PickupBrent Lekx-Toniolo224,201Engine: 22RE Tranny: 5 sp Manual Rear axle seals and bearings around 250,000 km. Lower Ball Joints and Front CVs around 280,000 km mark. Other than that only minor repairs and maintenance. Truck finally gave up in spring of 2004 due to head gasket failure and blown out 5th gear in tranny. I abused this truck and worked it very heavily, it owed me nothing. R.I.P. Old Girl2015-07-08
1996 Toyota T100Bradley R Miller548,0003.4L Automatic 4x4 SR-5 NONE ! COMPLETELY STOCK SINCE NEW !2015-06-17
1993 Toyota 4RunnerDavid Knappert248,00022re, 5speed Timing chain guide While we had the engine open for the timing chain guide we sent the cam in, they ground it to get better torqe.2015-06-15
2002 Toyota RAV4Linda A Jones200,142Automatic Transmission none Wonderful vehicle! Replaced a battery once and tires several times. Still gets 26 mpg.2015-06-13
2006 Toyota SiennaBrian Leathers405,000six cylinder replaced alternator and water pump 2015-06-11
1986 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown533,0002.0 SE, Manual 5-speed None really.. Actually a former owner put in a clutch at around 110,000. Must have been a good one! Love this car!.. Hope It will make a few more years. Very comfortable and smooth driving for half a million miles. I bought it in 1997 from a friend. Have put in the usual array of shocks, timing belt, water pump, pulleys, alternator (2), occasionally wheel bearings, brakes, master cylinder, rotors, struts (a few times), oil pump, fans, radiator (2), exhaust parts, suspension bushings and some steering parts, distributor, A/C compressor last year (with over 500k on it). Had one semi-major wreck a few years ago, but fixed with some door parts from an 85 someone gave me! Clutch has over 400k on it now!! Has averaged 35-40 MPG over the years. I change the oil a lot.. Heading for 600K! God is good!2015-06-11
1995 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown248,5644 cyl auto tran NONE STILL RUNS BUT HAVE TO LET HER GO2015-06-09
1995 Toyota CelicaBecca Macinsky332,000manual Alternator, breakine, muffler This car saved my life when in my home in Massachusetts, a water pipe froze and flooded my home. The town came and condemned it, immediately making me and my veteran boyfriend homeless durring an arctic blast. We had to get to pa, and literally almost froze death. We lost everything, our home, everything in it from the 32 years we have been alive, our pets, and almost our lives. But my celica with 330,000 miles on it at the time was the only thing I could rely on.2015-06-09
1994 Toyota PickupKnown, not shown244,6653vz-e v6 5 speed manual Water pump,radiator 2015-06-09
2000 Toyota AvalonKnown, not shown225,000V6, Automatic Trans at 50K, cam oil pumps at 220K, all struts 130K, various electronic sensors Pretty reliable, driven hard in LA traffic, 50 miles+ per day, 5-25 mph p.m., 75-80 mph in a.m.2015-06-06
1992 Toyota CamryKnown, not shown221,4602.2 L, L4, DOHC Replaced the tranny at aprox 150,000 miles, and just done any regular maint. things tune ups timing belts and water pumps, radiator, oil changes every 3,000 miles, I did just have to switch to regular oil due to a little seeping. All in all I love this car. This has been my favorite car ever, 28 mpg in town and aprox 31 highway, shes my old faithful!! I am never afraid of being stranded, I do drive it every day and take a couple of trips out of state each month. If I could find a car exactly like this one with 150,00 miles less I would buy it in a second. I wish they still made cars like this. :-(2015-06-01
2003 Toyota HighlanderKnown, not shown203,8093.0L, 4WD Engine gave up overheated engine on highway2015-05-26

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